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Air Freight

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Technical and Chemical Services

Worldwide freight services


Refineries, power plants and other industrial units have a requirement for high purity water. Thermal desalination relies on the use of ‘waste’ or excess heat or power to evaporate and subsequently condense water at........


Reverse Osmosis (RO) is commonly used to separate pure water from seawater sources. Unfortunately such a process is plagued by the build-up of scales which inhibit the process itself. ........


The oil and gas sector relies heavily on the selective use of precision chemicals to assist maximise productin levels at well sites without causing reservoir damage. With each reservoir and well site exhibiting different .........

NSM Chemical Solutions Ltd.

Industrial Chemicals and Technical Services

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Why NSM Chemical Solutions?

NSM brings to customers extensive experience in industrial applications & expertise thoughts technology.

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Our Mission

NSM offers industrial chemicals & technical services to industrial & commercial establishments all over the middle east.

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Our Vision

The company is building an international sales network and services throughout the Middle East and all over the world.

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Professionalism. Competitive rates. Entrepreneurship. Excellence. Reliability. Teamwork. High Quality Products


About us


• A leading chemicals company founded by an expert in the development of innovative chemical solutions to industrial problems.
• Aims to provide the most advanced product solutions, reliable technical services and efficient logistical support through partnering with clients.
• Embodies R&D, production, business development and marketing functions to provide a one stop solution for its clients.
• Embodies the principles of team work, knowledge sharing and openness to change.