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Thermal Desalination
Refineries, power plants and other industrial units have a requirement for high purity water. Thermal desalination relies on the use of ‘waste’ or excess heat or power to evaporate and subsequently condense water at no additional energy cost providing an efficient and viable technique for water purification. NSM is well positioned to provide thermal desalination water additives that address scaling and corrosion issues that would otherwise be problematic, for both Multi Stage Flash (MSF) and Multi Effect Distillation (MED) desalination systems.

NSM Product Range: BRITEGY®“AS” & BRITEGY®“AF”


  • BRITEGY®“AF” An antifoaming agent for the treatment of foam in thermal desalination plant.
  • BRITEGY®“AS” An antiscalant agent for the prevention of scale build-up which helps to maintain clean heat exchange surfaces in seawater distillation plants.
  • NSM Chemical Solutions UK LTD Formulations have very high performance and lower cost .

about the product BRITEGY®“AF”

  • Performs at lowest dosage rates.
  • Excellent foam control.
  • Destroys foam and prevents foam formation in aqueous media.
  • Outstanding defoamer properties during the desalination process.
  • Reduced costs.

about the product BRITEGY®“AS”

  • Performs at lowest dosage rates.
  • In many cases the need for routine acid cleaning is practically eliminated.
  • Helps to maintain high levels of suspended solids in suspension and is suitable for use on plants with high turbidity.
  • Helps to ensure that surfaces throughout the brine loop and demister pads are maintained in a clean condition.
  • Eliminates the need to store and handle hazardous acids Reduced costs.
  • Reduced costs.